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Meet ‘Itsdagram’: The only fully featured Instagram client on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 users have long been sobbing about the absence of an Instagram App. Well, somethings better than nothing. Meet ‘Itsdagram’, the unofficial Instagram client for Windows Phone 8. This app allows users to do everything a real Instagram app would.

Itsdagram is currently only for Windows Phone 8 users. It’s available in the market right now with a free trial and the full purchase is for $1.49. Windows Phone Central reports that a free, ad supported version should be coming in the next week.

The App comes with following features:

  • Double tap to like
  • Tap and hold to swap between Timeline view and Grid view.
  • See photos you’ve liked and have been tagged in on your profile page
  • Change your profile picture and password there too!
  • Pin your favorite hashtags and users to your homescreen to keep track of them.
  • Free Trial will allow users that already have an account to upload 1 image to test.  All other features are completely enabled.  Commenting, Liking, Following, etc…
  • Registering a new account with Instagram requires the full version of Itsdagram.

Instagram has showed no signs of introducing an official app on Windows Phone. Till they decide to make one, Itsdagram is a well-made viable option.


Must have Communication and Networking Apps for Android

Nowadays, a majority of the phones available in the market run on Google’s Android operating system. There are thousands of applications under various categories, and this makes it difficult for  new users to choose the right app. In this article, we list out a few “must have” apps in the category of mobile communication. The apps which we list out here are all free of cost and have been tested on an Android 4.0 (ICS) OS in Samsung Galaxy S2.

1. Whatsapp


This is a free messenger service available for all OS platforms. The beauty of this application being, it synchronizes with your phone-book, and finds out all your friends already present on Whatsapp, in a jiffy. The best part is that you can share photos, videos, audio, etc free of cost and will never need to send an MMS again or SMS again. You, however, must have a 2G/3G/WiFi connection to use this app. You can even form a group where multiple users can send messages, photos,etc.

Whatsapp download link

2. Viber

ViberViber allows you to call or message any other viber contact free of cost. Viber is available for major OS platforms such as Android, iOS,etc. You can talk free of cost to a viber contact anywhere in the world. We have tested this and the calls have a reasonably good clarity in voice. However, for viber to function more efficiently, you need to have a WiFi or 3G connection as it is faster. This application gives you the option of free/paid call or message as well. In case of bad network, the application suggests that you make a paid call through your network operator. Here also, just like WhatsApp, you can send photos and also make groups.Download link



This is the official Skype application for Android. As usual, you can make free voice/video calls to any other Skype contact. You can send messages via 2G but calls (especially video calls) should preferably be made on WiFi/3G only. We have tested the video call feature on this application and it works beautifully. However you should try not to move the phone much, otherwise the video for the recipient gets distorted. You can even buy Skype credit to make paid calls to landline and mobile numbers.

Download link



This is the official Facebook application made for Android. You get all the usual features which you access while logging onto Facebook from the computer. The interface is also quite simple to use and easy to understand. You just click on an icon on the left of the homepage to access features such as messages, friends, pokes, photos, account settings, etc. Through the icon on the right, you can access all your friends who are currently logged in. Recently, improvements have been made to the photo tagging feature, and the application is constantly updated also, based on user reviews.

Download link

5.Facebook Messenger

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Facebook Messenger

This is a simpler version of the Facebook application. You do not have most of the features associated with Facebook. However, you can simply chat with your online contacts or message those who are offline. The application is pretty fast and very smooth and saves you from all the complications of the Facebook App. You can even have a group chat and include your location(optional). You also get push notifications from your contacts. This app is a convenient alternative to messaging as its free and most of your contacts will be having a Facebook profile.

Download link

6. Twitter


There are many applications available for Twitter, but we decided to go with the official one as it is easy to use, user friendly and with maximum downloads on the Android play store. You get all the usual features such as continuous updates, search facility, ability to tweet messages, photos, etc. You even get suggestions on whom to follow and on what your friends follow. The user interface is simple and convenient. You get push notifications also and the app is being updated continuously and improvements are being made.

Download link

Easily Find the Name behind unknown Mobile and Landline Numbers

Unknown phone number lookupHow would it be if you could easily find the name associated with a phone number (mobile & landline) without having to go through the legal complications?

Presenting ‘True Caller’, a brilliant service that helps you find out name of the person associated with any given phone number and the best part being, you can perform a number lookup for not just India or America, but any country across the globe. All you need to do is download & install True Caller application for your phone either from your smart phone’s app store or by visiting from your phone browser.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you just need to enter a mobile/landline number and TC will look into its database for the owner name of the phone number. At the time of writing this post, TC had over 622 million mobile numbers in their database, so chances are pretty high that you’ll end up finding the name of that anonymous caller.

Other features of the application

It is not all, here is the best feature of the application. True Caller has an embedded feature that will notify you the owner name of any unknown numbers during incoming and outgoing calls provided you have data services running in the background.

unknown mobile number details

Though the application is available for all major smart phone platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows & Nokia; at any point of time you can also visit their website to perform an online lookup.

How does the application work?

Worried if your personal data are getting leaked from your telecom operator? We doubt if that’s really the case. In fact its your friends, colleagues and people in your peer who are to be blamed, as there’s a feature inside the app that lets someone sync & update their current phonebook & contacts with the its database. In the process, TC copies all their contact details into its database thus increasing the number of known contacts every second. As simple as that.

Privacy Concerns

A simple Google search will reveal that there are several privacy concerns being raised in the past, regarding True Caller. The Economic Times mentions:

Unlisted private mobile phone numbers of Cabinet ministers such as Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram, top industrialists such as Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal, celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar are among millions of Indian numbers listed on the database of a Scandinavian app maker, thanks to unsuspecting smartphone users who let the app harvest their phone’s contact list

If you are someone who prefers to remain in incognito mode, you have the option of un-listing your number by visiting deregister page and remain anonymous to other TC users.

Thank you Nalin Jain for the tip. (You too can send us tips, mail us at

Links: True Caller | FAQs | Download True Caller

[App Review] Samsung Chaton: Cross Platform Instant Messaging Application for Mobile Phones

Many of us are aware about the award winning feature of Blackberry services – Blackberry Messenger that lets its users seamlessly and flawlessly send instant messages (including media, map location, etc) to any other Blackberry user worldwide. But the problem with Blackberry’s instant messaging service is that its not cross platform supported and thus, doesn’t lets its users communicate with users of any other mobile operating system.

chaton mobile instant messenger

There are many other applications similar to Blackberry Messenger that supports cross platform IM and one such application is ‘Chaton’ developed by Samsung. We received a request to review the app and at the first moment we thought its just another application on the app store, but only to prove ourselves wrong, we found it to be more than just that. Read on to find out what makes Samsung Chaton stand out of the crowd.

Samsung Chaton Features:

Cross platform & web login support

First thing that most of the smart phone users want in their mobile instant messengers is the ability to send messages to devices in other mobile platforms as well. Chaton does the work well wherein, unlike Blackberry & iOS proprietary messenger, you do not have a limitation to send messages only to users on the same platform. In fact, what makes the app different and better from its competitors like whatsapp is, it lets you chat with your chaton contacts from a web-login too (link), a feature that many users would welcome.

Automatically find your friends

Unlike Gtalk and some other IM services, as soon you install the chaton application and configure it with your mobile number, you are presented with a list of all your friends who are already using the application thus saving you with the hassle of asking their id and manually adding them. Pretty useful, isn’t it? In case you are wondering, the app finds your friends using your phone contacts.

Send text, voice, media, map location, animation messages and more

samsung chaton features

Unlike traditional short messaging service, you can send not just text but personalized voice and animated messages, media (music & video), your current location on the map and any other kind of files that you can think of. The app also has feature to broadcast a message to multiple contacts

Everything for free

Best thing being, you need not pay a penny to use neither the app nor its services. Send unlimited text, voice, video, scribblings, etc to your loved ones and all you need is a working data connection on your phone – cellular data (2G, 3G) or wifi.

Further improvement rumors

It is also rumored that Chaton may introduce video chatting feature that would work over 3G and wifi.

(Video demoing all the features of chaton)


As I mentioned earlier, I tried it out on one of my Android device and everything looks great. But in a future version of the app, the development team should look into making the app more lighter to ensure that it works flawlessely on low powered devices too.

Link: Download Chaton (Click on the download link and select your OS)

‘My Airtel’ App Lets you Manage all your Airtel Products on your Mobile

Airtel has launched one of its kind service that lets all smartphone users manage their various Airtel products – mobile, telephony, broadband, DTV on the cell phone with its newly launched application named ‘My Airtel’. If you happen to be using various services of Airtel, then this application is a must have for you. Below are the highlights of My Airtel mobile phone application:

‘My Airtel’ Mobile Application – Highlights

  • Manage your postpaid/prepaid mobile, broadband, fixed line and digital TV connections from ‘My Airtel’ connections
  • Check outstanding bills, recharge your account, make payments, raise service requests and complaints
  • Ability to order movies for digital TV customers
  • App available free of cost for Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Java phones
  • App can be downloaded via
    – App store
    – visiting from your phone
    – sending an SMS as ‘myairtel’ to 54321
    – device app store

If you happen to be using Airtel services, you might like to check out this app.

Celebrate Janmashtami with Krishna aur Kans Mobile Games

For all Indian mobile maniacs worldwide, you can celebrate this Janmashtami in a very unique and special way with the newly released “Krishna aur Kans” game from Jump games in collaboration with Reliance animations. The newly launched game touts to be inspired by the bollywood movie “Krishna & Kans” launched in India on the 3rd of August.

The player in the game would be Lord Krishna helping rescue children of the village from demons.

Download Krishna aur Kans Game:

The app is currently available for download across 3 mobile platforms – Android, Blackberry & Symbian.

Hope you all get to celebrate this Janmashtami digitally and virtually with this game. Happy Janmashtami 😉

4 Ways to View Updates & Results of London Olympics 2012 on Mobile Phones & Tablets

The Olympics 2012 fever is already on and many of you might not be able to keep yourself glued to the Television sets to view live broadcast of Olympics 2012. For your convenience, listed  here are few apps and various other ways to view the scores, results, schedule and NEWS related to Olympics 2012.

olympics 2012 updates mobile phone tablet

1. London 2012 Official Mobile App:

You can download the official London 2012 Olympics app for free. The app has varied features including checking live scores and results of games, schedule of upcoming events, detailed biography of participating athlete, setting reminders for specific games, support your country, push notifications to receive medal alerts and much more. Have a glimpse of the app on the video below:

Name of App: Official London 2012 Results
Platform Available: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone (Search on respective appstore)
Price: Free

2. London 2012 Official Mobile Web Page:

If because of some reason you cannot use the above apps, you have an option to visit the official London 2012 mobile web page from your data activated phone and view live updates.

Mobile page URL:

3. Twitter:

If you are social media savvy person and love reading updates on twitter instead of following mainstream news, then Twitter definitely won’t disappoint you. In fact, people were hyper active in tweeting about the events and Olympic officials requested tweeters to minimize their mobile usage.

Twitter hash tag: #London2012
Official Twitter Handle: @London2012
Facebook Profile:

4. SMS:

No need to disappoint if you do not own a smart and fancy phone to download these apps. Using some workaround you too can get the Olympic updates on your mobile via SMS.

You can follow the official twitter account @London2012 and use Twitter Via SMS that will push updates to your phone via text messages. Know more on Twitter via SMS here.

Manage your Travel Plans with BlackBerry Travel Application

BlackBerry Travel App

BlackBerry Travel, an application which helps users in travel management is now in India. This app was announced about 3 months back and provides BlackBerry smart phone users with an all-in-one integrated tool to plan, book, manage and share travel activities quickly and easily.

This application offers good synchronization through integration of travel itineraries and flight status updates with the calendar and even push notifications. Whenever a new itinerary arrives in the users e-mail, it is automatically updated into this travel application.This app even provides push notifications about changes in the flight status and other information.

Certain other tools which come along with this application includes Currency converters, Hotel booking, Weather forecasts and Local search engine.

The BlackBerry Travel App also features a web component that allows users to book flights and car rentals, as well as print and edit itineraries, from their computer.

BlackBerry smartphone users can even share their travel information with family and friends through LinkedIn or by e-mail, directly from the application itself.

The BlackBerry Travel app will be available as a beta download today from the Test Center category on BlackBerry App World ( The app is free and works on select BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry  5 OS (Device Software) or higher.

A few devices which support BlackBerry Travel include BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Storm and Torch series of smartphones.

Mozilla Launches Firefox 4.0 for Android and Maemo based Devices

Android users have reason to cheer as Mozilla has launched its latest web browser for phones, Firefox 4.0 in the market. Firefox 4.0 is available for both Android and Maemo devices, but it doesn’t support phones with ARM v6 based CPU and Adobe Flash.

This browser has many exciting features such as tabbed browsing, Firefox Sync and Firefox Add-ons. It is even nearly 3 times faster than the stock browser on your Android based device. Firefox even has the JaegerMonkey JIT compiler to increase the page downloading speed and even support better graphics.

With Firefox 4.0, you can save your favorite page to a PDF file, so that you can check it out later when you are offline. Firefox even offers secure synchronization with proper end-to-end encryption.

Mozilla even offers more customization and better tools for developers such as support for HTML5 and improvements in CSS and Canvas.Through HTML5, you even get Location-Aware Browsing,accelerometer, desktop notifications and device orientation.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 can be downloaded from Android market (Android 2.0 and above) and via browser for Maemo devices.

Vimeo launches Official iOS App with video editor

Vimeo is a video sharing site that lets you upload and share videos. Vimeo has launched its official app for iOS devices that lets you upload, edit, manage and watch video directly from the iOS devices.

Features of Vimeo App for iOS

  • Watch videos for inbox, queue or browse from collection with the browse tab easily.
  • Upload HD or SD videos and pause while uploading a video.
  • Edit videos by adding title, transitions, effects, music and control volume levels.
  • Edit title, description and add tags before uploading.
  • Add the clips to Groups, Channels and Albums.
  • Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and via Email or SMS.
  • View the stats, number of plays, comments and likes.

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS 4.0 and later ( iPhone 3GS, 4G, iPod touch 4th generation) and iPad)

Download Link: Vimeo for iOS

Amazon launches App Store for Android

Amazon has launched its very own application store for Android users and it is currently offering around 3800 apps. Supported by well-known developers such as Gameloft, Handmark,Adobe etc, we can expect a lot from it in near future.

Amazon App Store

In Amazon’s App store, users can ‘test drive’ applications from their browser that has Flash before they decide to buy/install it on their mobile phone. However, the user would not be able to use controls such as Accelerometer, Compass, etc while testing since these things are not available on computers.

Amazon is even offering a feature called ‘Free App of the day’, where users can experience a paid application for free for a day.

How to Install Amazon app store?

  1. Login if you have Amazon account or register for one.
  2. Download Amazon app store setup file on your phone or PC or follow these instructions to download it via e-mail or text message link.
  3. After installing search for the app you need from the app store and install it on your phone.

Angry birds RIO is the ‘App of the day’. What are you waiting for? Go and download it on your Android phone for free.

Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 now available for Download

We already announced Opera would launch latest version of mini and mobile this week. Now it is available for download for Symbian, Java, Android, Windows and Tablets . This has several improvements including better startup time.

Features of Opera Mini 6 and Mobile 11

  • Pinch zoom with improvements
  • Optimized UI for tablets and new UI for both mobiles and tablets
  • Share option to share a web page on Facebook and twitter
  • Open links in background
  • Better font support
  • Enhancements in text entry and auto-completion
  • Hide Status and Navigation bars via Tools -> Settings

platform: Java phones, Windows, Symbian, Android (1.5 and above for mini and 1.6 and above for mobile) and Blackberry.

Download link: Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mobile for Android

To download Opera for other platforms visit from your phone’s browser or download it to your PC and send it to your phone.

Google latitude for iPhone gets Check-in and Google places now in 30 languages

Google brought check-in feature to latitude for Android last year. Now, it is available on iPhone too. They have also updated their Google places app that supports more than 30 languages.

Features of Google Latitude 2.1 for iPhone

Google latitude for iPhone

  • Check-in in to a particular place so that your friends could see you.
  • If you set to auto update your location, latitude would automatically check you out.
  • You can keep your check-in private or share it with your friends.
  • Battery use improved during background auto check-in.

Features of Google Places 1.1 for iPhone

Google Places for iPhone

  • Now supports more than 30 languages.
  • Save your places easily and sync it with your Google account.
  • Access the saved or starred places from the icon.
  • Saved places are synced to Google Hotspots and Google Maps.

Cost: free

Platform: iOS (4.0 or later for Google Latitude), iOS (3.0 or later for Google Places)

Download links: Google Latitude for iPhone, Google Places for iPhone

Facebook 2.0 for Blackberry brings Facebook chat and New UI

RIM announces new an update for Facebook for Blackberry v 2.0 with Facebook chat, External notifications, new navigation control, new feed and many more changes. This is a major update after almost 3 years from v 1.0.

Chat and New Feed on Facebook 2.0 for Blackberry

Features of Facebook v 2.0 for Blackberry

  • Chat with the online friends from unified mailbox or Facebook application.
  • Improved new feed. There is a (+) symbol on each post to get to comments, likes, menu etc..
  • Drop-down navigation control which would be scalable in future.
  • New notification bar that shows messages, friends request and notifications like BlackBerry® 6 OS’ “Today View”.
  • New external notification lets you see E-mail or BBM message without leaving Facebook application.
  • New UI brings Wall, Info, and Photo tabs and better profile details like birthdays, hometown, likes and relationship status within the app.

New Facebook app could be downloaded from Blackberry Beta Zone after registration for Blackberry 6.0 users. Support for Blackberry 4.6 would be added in future beta release.

(via Blackberry official blog)

Opera to Launch Opera Mini 6 and Mobile 11 Next Week

Opera which is one of the popular browser in the mobile platform to launch Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 next week at CTIA Wireless show (Florida).

OperaOpera has launched Windows specific version of ‘Opera Mini’ this month and Symbian S60 specific version last year.

This update would be available for all the mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry, Symbian/Series 60, J2ME phones and tablets. Opera Mobile 11 to bring music support on Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and MeeGo platforms. New Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad would also get showcased at the event.

Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software said

In our lineup, all players are equally important–we leave no device behind. Our small and clever pieces of software will give you a 5-star experience, no matter what hardware you prefer. Android users actually have two different Opera browsers to choose from: Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Check them out, and decide which one is on the top of your chart.

It has been a few months Opera mini and Mobile got updated on all platforms, so there are lot of expectations for this update.

LinkedIn launches app on Snaptu

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members worldwide launches their app on Snaptu, supported on more than 2,500 devices.

LinkedIn on Snaptu

Features of LinkedIn on Snaptu

  • View status updates of your friends on the home page.
  • Update your status easily from the box on the top.
  • View your connections, search for new people or accept pending invitations.
  • View your or other’s profile.
  • Refresh to update the home screen or log out.

During the launch , Adam Nash, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn said:

With the rapid growth of mobile professionals around the world, we’re thrilled to partner with Snaptu to expand our global reach and be accessible wherever our members work. By harnessing Linkedin’s rich developer platform, Snaptu’s LinkedIn application now offers millions of people direct access to professional insights and information on their feature phones, whether they are in the office or on the go.

Hari V Krishnan, Country Manager, LinkedIn India said:

With over 600 million mobile users in India, a vast number of professionals would like to be able to use LinkedIn on their handsets. While smart phone penetration is increasing, globally more than 80 percent of total shipments have been driven by feature phones, and it is those professional users that the LinkedIn app on Snaptu is targeted. This launch further strengthens LinkedIn’s mobile offering for our members in India.

Snaptu CEO Ran Makavy said:

LinkedIn has become as much a part of the working life as the mobile phone, so it’s very exciting for us to bring the two together. LinkedIn recognizes the value in reaching beyond the smart phone market to bring quality services to every device, leveraging the Snaptu mobile apps platform.

This is a simple app with basic functionalities. Snaptu is available on Java, S60 and Blackberry phones.

To get Snaptu for your phone go to from your phone’s browser or get it from OVI store for Nokia phones or Blackberry App World for Blackberry. To add LinkedIn app on Snaptu go to Snappstore from the Menu and add LinkedIn which is available under Social Networks.

“Google Mobile” App for iOS now replaced by “Google Search”

“Google mobile” app for iPhone and iPod touch is now replaced by “Google search” which also has a new look and added features.

Google Search for iOS

Features of “Google Search” for iPhone and iPod touch

  • Redesigned home screen which lets you swipe down to see the search bar while searching.
  • Apps button on the home screen lets you access other Google apps.
  • Swipe left to right to use the toolbar that lets you search by specific categories like images, news etc..
  • Swipe down to view previously searched results and Google settings.
  • Updates for Google Goggles, Voice Search, Search with My Location and Gmail unread counts.

A demo video of Google apps for iOS from Google:

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS (3.0 or later)

Download link: Google Search for iOS

Nokia Shoot and Tag App creates Bookmarks while shooting Videos

Nokia “Shoot and Tag” app created by Nokia research center Beijing lets you creates chapters while you shoot videos. This lets you view exact part of the video easily during playback instead of fast forwarding.

Nokia Shoot and TagFeatures of Nokia Shoot and Tag

  • Click the red record button in the app to record, pause or resume while shooting.
  • Auto and manual tag options.
  • Inbuilt gallery to view the videos chapter wise.
  • Just open the video within the app and click the frame to move to particular part while viewing.
  • Adjust the video quality and toggle key frame auto-extraction on or off, inside the app settings.
  • The original video in the phone’s galley remains unchanged.

Here is a video demo of the app from Nokia Beta Labs:

This is a just an experimental app, but it could graduate to beta stage. This app lacks 720p video recording which is a drawback .

Cost: Free

Platform: Symbian (S60 v5 and Symbian^3)

Download Link: Nokia Shoot and Tag

Winamp update 1.0 for Android brings free Music downloads and Streaming

Winamp for Android launched last October is one of the popular music player in Android market with 5 million downloads. Now the latest version 1.0 bring tons of features, improvements and some bug fixes.

Winamp for Android

Features of Winamp 1.0

  • Stream free music or download them to your device.
  • New streamlined interface for now playing.
  • Tap the screen to view song info, news, photos, discography and links.
  • Pop-ups notification on track changes like the desktop version.
  • Swipe the album art to change the tracks.
  • Free music and search button added to the home screen.
  • Updated lock-screen player to suit new design.
  • Use Android voice to listen to songs.
  • SHOUTcast Radio integration (supported on certain devices) to listen to online radio.
  • Additional language support.

Cost: Free

Platform: Android (2.1 and above)

Download link: Download Winamp for Android

Meet new People near you with Domo App

Tonchidot, Tokyo based mobile application company launched Domo, an App to connect with new people around you. This app uses Facebook to get the profile details and find people around you based on that. This helps to connect with new people at Parties, Events, College campus or work place.

Domo for Android and iPhone

Features of Domo

  • Share Work, Education, Groups and other things you liked on Facebook.
  • Also share TV, Movies, Music and books.
  • Keep your profile private.
  • Import your Facebook profile.
  • Browse people around you and their interests.
  • Find common interest between you and others.
  • Share text messages and pictures with them.
  • Say Domo (Can be used to hello, sorry or thank you).

Demo video of Domo App:

Cost: Free

Platform: Android (2.1 and above), iOS (4.0 and above)

Download link: Domo for Android, Domo for iPhone

Opera Launches Mobile App Store

Opera launches its app store for Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android and windows phone platform powered by mobile app marketplace “Appia”. This offers both free and paid apps which is live in more than 200 countries.Opera App Store on Opera mini

Features of Opera Mobile App Store:

  • Featured, top picks, free and top 50 apps on app store home screen.
  • Apps based on device model and platform.
  • Different categories like Tools, Games, Science, Sport etc to choose from.
  • Payment for paid apps based on  local currency.
  • Shows list of app that are already downloaded.
  • Saves the app file on the device before installing.

During the launch event of the product,

Mahi de Silva, executive vice president for Opera’s Consumer Mobile group, said:

The launch of the Opera Mobile Store supports Opera’s core belief in an open, cross-platform mobile Internet experience by providing Opera users with an integrated storefront of mobile applications. Our partnership with Appia delivers to all Opera Mobile and Opera Mini users easy access to a wide variety of great content, on any device, all over the world.

Jud Bowman, CEO of Appia said:

The Opera Mobile Store presents a remarkable opportunity for mobile application developers to distribute localized content through a single, far-reaching marketplace. Appia is thrilled to partner with Opera to deliver an incredible storefront of applications to Opera users and beyond

Looks like Opera will now be a new competitor to Android market, iTunes store, Blackberry app world  and OVI store. If you download Opera mini or Opera mobile, app store link is available on the speed dial. To access Opera App store visit from your device or from pc ( select device platform and model) to download apps.

Foursquare 3.0 for Android and iOS brings Recommendations and Rewards

Foursquare that has 7.5 million users and half a billion check-ins launched new version of the app for Android and iOS platforms.  Foursquare 3.0 brings new features in recommendations, leader boards and rewards.

forusquare 3.0 for Android and iOS

Features of Foursquare 3.0

  • “Explore” tab that recommends places nearby by categories based on popularity among friends and others.
  • “Me” tab on the explorer lets you to seek guidance from the friends on categories and places nearby.
  • New leader board with points for discovering new places, trying new types of restaurants, visiting new cities and more.
  • Specials offers when you check-in as swarms, with groups of friends, regularly, as a newbie, if you become a mayors or simply to everyone.
  • List of places that offers special offers for different categories.

New Blackberry app will be available this week but not version 3.0. Version 3.0 for Symbian and WP7 will also be out soon along with the long-awaited photo sharing and comment features.

Platform: Android (1.6 and above), iOS (3.0 and above)

Download Link: Foursquare for Android, Foursquare for iOS

Best Twitter Apps for your Symbian Device

There are several applications available for several uses. Here, in this post we will mention some of the best and most talked about applications available for Tweeting and staying in touch with your twitter friends for your S60 based Symbian device.


It is one of the best app in the Symbian platform with great user interface. It supports both S60 v3, v5 and Symbian ^3 phones.


  • The home page looks amazing with the account name and image thumbnails of recently updated users.
  • Connect or Disconnect option on dashboard (which also shows data usage).
  • Multiple account support.
  • Shows images stored on the mobile in thumbnail format so just share an image easily to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo,, Posterous, Yfrog and
  • Search option with multiple tabs and also search of top 10 latest trends on twitter.
  • Also has support to add Facebook, Foursquare and Google Reader accounts.
  • Set the alerts for time line, replies and DMs separately.
  • Set auto update time for time line, replies, DMs, Lists, sent messages and Favorites separately.
  • Option to open URL directly or copy it to clipboard. URL can also be posted to delicious and instapaper.
  • Forward a Tweet in your time line as SMS.
  • Read the replies to tweets in threaded form.
  • Geo tagging support to send your location along with your tweet.
  • Preview the pictures on your time line.
  • Kinetic scrolling on touch screen phones.
  • View the user information and also follow a user from time line.
  • Home screen Widget on Some of the Symbian S60 v5 and Symbian^3 phones.
  • Replies and DMs can be viewed when the phone is in Screen saver mode in Symbian^3 devices.


  • Uses lot of data so those who don’t have unlimited plans be careful.
  • Battery life may get affected on some phone when the application runs on the background for too long.

Even though this app supports other solcial sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Google Reader the features of twitter is simply excellent. It is available for free trial for 10 days and costsRs. 150 after that. It can be downloaded via OVI store or its official site – Mobileways.

Trill for Symbian:

This app is developed by Indian based app company Spice Labs. This app was previously available only for S40phones but now it’s also available for S60 phones and is free of cost. When most of the phone OSes have their official twitter clients Trill is good app that works on most the Nokia phones.


  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Reply, Retweet, Fav the tweet just by Clicking it.
  • Visit user profile from a tweet.
  • In-built search option and save the searches.
  • Along with Timeline, Replies and DMs also view friends, current trends and public timeline.


  • Only vibrate alert and No option to set alert sound.
  • Minimum refresh interval is only 15 minutes.
  • No option to share pictures.
  • No option to copy a link to clipboard.

Even though this app has some cons this is good for basic twitter functions and also free of cost. This app can be downloaded from OVI store.

Download Trill – Twitter app.

Twittix for Symbian

This is another good app for s60 phones with a simple easy to use interface.



  • Press and hold to view the pictures posted on time line.
  • Introduce the person you follow to some other user.
  • Multiple user account support.
  • Tabbed view of Time line, replies Messages, Favorites, Everyone on twitter, search and my status.
  • Pictures of the followers and the people you are following in the tabs.
  • Auto connect and disconnect option.
  • Full screen option available.

Can be downloaded from OVI store. It is available for free trial for 10 days and costs 5 Euro or around 300 (INR) after that.


  • Takes lot of time to show time line updates
  • Can view and upload photos only via twitpic.
  • No my tweets tab to keep personal tweets.
  • Procedures are difficult for buying it.

Download Twittix for Symbian


This is similar to other twitter clients in functions which is developed by UK based mobile app company Ravensoft. It is available in both free and Pro Versions.

5800 tweets list


  • Tabbed view for Home, Replies, DMs, Favorites and user updates.
  • Follow or remove a person from in a tweet or mentioned in the tweet.
  • Set refresh time and set tweet tone for tweets and DMs.
  • Read the tweets in a separate notification box when it clicked.
  • Free version is available rather than the trial version like Gravity and Twittix.


  • No kinetic scrolling for Touch screen phones.
  • Uploading pictures and searching option available only in pro version.
  • Sometimes old updates and Messages are not loaded.
  • Do not support multiple twitter accounts.

It is a free app can be downloaded via tweets60 website or pro version can be downloaded from OVI store for 1 Euro.

Mobile Gyaan Verdict:

The choice is based on your needs. If you are a casual user then Tweets60 is enough for you. If you are a frequent user and frequently upload pictures then check out Gravity. If you don’t have budget to go for Gravity check out Trill or tweet60. There are also some communication service apps like Fring and Nimbuzz that supports Twitter, do check them out too. If you don’t want to use any app check dabr which is optimized for mobile browsers.

Security App Blackberry Protect now in Open Beta

RIM announced ‘Blackberry protect’ last July as a limited beta service. Now it is available as open beta for all the Blackberry users. There are several changes and new features added from the older version as suggested by the beta testers.Blackberry protect

Features of Blackberry Protect

  • Locate your phone on a map via GPS and cell-tower triangulation.
  • Lock the phone or protect your device with a password remotely.
  • Loud Ring feature lets your phone to ring loudly for one minute even if it’s in the silent mode.
  • ‘Lost and found’ feature lets you send a message and contact information to your phone when it’s lost.
  • Backup or wipe the data on the phone (Including the memory card) remotely.
  • Periodically backup contacts, calendar, bookmarks and text messages daily, weekly or monthly over the air (OTA).
  • Save data by backing up updated contents rather that everything, restricting backup when phone is in roaming or backup via Wi-fi only.
  • Wirelessly restore backed-up data on a new Blackberry device.
  • Blackberry Protect Web Portal

The features could be activated from the‘Blackberry protect’ web portal remotely. The app is now available in North America and some parts of Latin America only. Expected to rollout all over United States in couple of months and in other countries soon. ‘Blackberry protect’ is not available for handsets that use Blackberry Enterprise Server or Blackberry Enterprise Server Express.

Platform: Blackberry OS 4.6 or higher

Cost: Free

Download Link: Blackberry Protect

Thrutu for Android: Easily Share Info and Media During a Call

Ever tried to find a phone number from your phone’s address book to read out to your friend on a call? Now share it easily with ‘Thrutu’ that also offers lots more features other than sharing contacts.

thrutu for android

Features of Thrutu for Android

  • Share a contact with others on a call to save it on their phonebook.
  • Share your location to find it on Google maps.
  • Take a picture or share a picture from the gallery.
  • Prod is a fun feature that lets you poke them during the call that make phone to vibrate.

There are lots of features coming in future like gaming, watching videos, share events from calendar, make online reservations and more during a phone call. iPhone app will launch within Q2 of this year and Blackberry app this year-end.

Video demo of Thrutu:

Platform: Android 2.1 and above

Cost: Free

Download link: Thrutu for Android

Blackberry Messenger Coming Soon on Android and iOS

Reportedly, Blackberry messenger (BBM), a unique service offered only for Blackberry customers to chat or share things with other Blackberry users is to hit Android and iOS devices soon. There are third-party apps like WhatsApp messenger (Blackberry, Android, iOS and Symbian) and Kik (Android and iOS) that offers similar services that also supports cross-platform. This could be the reason RIM considered to come up with their own  proprietary app that supports cross-platform.

There are lots of services for push email for other platforms that are Blackberry like but many users stick to Blackberry for their BBM services like photo, location and video sharing which will only be available in Blackberry devices and not on Android and iOS. People who have not tried BBM could try it on their Android and iPhone and buy a Blackberry device to get the full experience.

There could be one time fee to use their service but the pricing and time frame of the launch are now unknown. Android version may come out within this year.

(via and image via

‘Layar’ – Augmented Reality App now Supports Symbian^3 and S60 Devices

‘Layar’ is one of the popular augmented reality app launched last year for Android and iPhone and now available for Symbian devices. This uses phone’s camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS to create augmented reality of the things around you and browse them.

Layar for Symbian

Features of Layar for Symbian

  • Discover places from the list of layers that are both free and paid and find the details about the places it.
  • Switch between live and augmented reality mode easily.
  • Explore 3D objects, sounds, videos and cool interactivity with different Layers.
  • Change between the genre of old and new look of the places.
  • Share the place on Foursquare, and even take a picture and post it on twitter .
  • Discover restaurants, bars, shops and houses nearby.
  • Learn history of a particular building or a monument.
  • Get directions to a nearby Layer location easily.

Raimo Van Der Klein, CEO and co-founder of Layar said

Augmented reality is changing the way people view the world, Layar’s goal is to bring the AR experience into people’s every day lives and with this offering we are able to provide Nokia users with that rich digital experience on their mobile phones

Here is a short video explanation about Layar:

Supported devices: Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97-mini.

Cost: Free

There are different layers like weather layer that gets forecasts in your city, office layer finds more details about the office and satellite tracks that spots satellites in space . Layar supports all the Symbian^3 devices and couple of S60 devices (Update the device to latest firmware for smooth 3D rendering). Also try out layar on Android and iOS if you have not.

Download Link: Layar for Symbian

Fruit Ninja now on OVI store for Symbian^3 Devices

After Angry birds fruit ninja is on Symbian^3 platform. Fruit ninja is one of the addictive games that was already available for Android and iPhone and released for Windows Phone 7 platform last December.

Fruit Ninja

The gameplay is simple. Just slice the fruits thrown into the air by making swiping the device’s touch screen to earn points. Earn extra points for slicing more fruits at one go. If you miss three pieces of fruit or slice a bomb then the game ends.

Here is a video demo of Fruit ninja on Nokia N8 by user – “Camb078” (Thanks Camb078)


It was also on the list of 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2011 by Times magazine. It crossed four million download for iOS devices last December.

Download Fruit Ninja from OVI store for Symbian^3 devices at 1 Euro / Rs 25.

Evernote for Android Updated; Improved UI, New Features & More

Android version of Evernote – One of the best note taking app available in-town has recently been updated with a new version (version – 2.6) with many new features, UI improvement, etc.

android evernote

  • Snippet View
  • Notebook stacks: Helps you create visual notebooks that can be synced with computes as well
    • Improved sync performance: Notes sync around 6 times faster than in previous versions
    • Edit Saved Searches before running them by tapping and holding the search name
    • Improved image scaling
    • Faster note loading and application performance
    • Many additional bug fixes throughout

If you’ve already installed the app on your Android, then it should automatically get updated to new version or ask you to do so. If you haven’t yet downloaded evernote, you can get it from the Android market.

Link: Download Evernote for Android

Foursquare now on Nokia Series 40 Phones

Nokia released foursquare app for Symbian S60 phones last year in OVI store. Now Foursquare Java app is released for series 40 phones on Nokia beta labs. This app does not need in-built GPS because it uses mobile signal to find nearby places.

Foursquare for Nokia Series 40

Features of Foursquare App for Series 40 Phones

  • Check-in, Shout, Venue less check in.
  • Search for a place, add a place that is not available.
  • Recent check-ins from friends, user info.
  • Places trending near you and your favorite places.
  • Add friends or accept friend request.

Video demo of the Foursquare app from Nokia Beta Labs:

Still lots of features like tips, to do list, badges, more language support are expected in future versions. Commenting on check-ins, sharing photos when you check in is also expected feature that is already available on Foursquare version of android and iPhone and would be added to S60 version too. This app is available for S40 5th and 6th edition phones and could be downloaded from Nokia Beta Labs.