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Easily Find the Name behind unknown Mobile and Landline Numbers

Unknown phone number lookupHow would it be if you could easily find the name associated with a phone number (mobile & landline) without having to go through the legal complications?

Presenting ‘True Caller’, a brilliant service that helps you find out name of the person associated with any given phone number and the best part being, you can perform a number lookup for not just India or America, but any country across the globe. All you need to do is download & install True Caller application for your phone either from your smart phone’s app store or by visiting from your phone browser.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you just need to enter a mobile/landline number and TC will look into its database for the owner name of the phone number. At the time of writing this post, TC had over 622 million mobile numbers in their database, so chances are pretty high that you’ll end up finding the name of that anonymous caller.

Other features of the application

It is not all, here is the best feature of the application. True Caller has an embedded feature that will notify you the owner name of any unknown numbers during incoming and outgoing calls provided you have data services running in the background.

unknown mobile number details

Though the application is available for all major smart phone platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows & Nokia; at any point of time you can also visit their website to perform an online lookup.

How does the application work?

Worried if your personal data are getting leaked from your telecom operator? We doubt if that’s really the case. In fact its your friends, colleagues and people in your peer who are to be blamed, as there’s a feature inside the app that lets someone sync & update their current phonebook & contacts with the its database. In the process, TC copies all their contact details into its database thus increasing the number of known contacts every second. As simple as that.

Privacy Concerns

A simple Google search will reveal that there are several privacy concerns being raised in the past, regarding True Caller. The Economic Times mentions:

Unlisted private mobile phone numbers of Cabinet ministers such as Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram, top industrialists such as Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal, celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar are among millions of Indian numbers listed on the database of a Scandinavian app maker, thanks to unsuspecting smartphone users who let the app harvest their phone’s contact list

If you are someone who prefers to remain in incognito mode, you have the option of un-listing your number by visiting deregister page and remain anonymous to other TC users.

Thank you Nalin Jain for the tip. (You too can send us tips, mail us at

Links: True Caller | FAQs | Download True Caller

Make Unlimited Free Calls in India and Worldwide Daily [Android & iOS]

Presenting this brilliant App – ‘Crowd Call’ for Android and iOS that lets you make free calls to India, US, Canada, UK and 40 Countries worldwide even without paying a single penny. All you have to do is download the app (link at bottom) and follow 5 simple steps mentioned below. The App then calls you (the caller) on your pre-designated number and connects to the person whom you wish to talk.

Best part being, unlike other VoIP and free calling tools available in-town, the calling party need not compulsorily have the app installed on his phone.

Steps for Making Free Calls:

  1. Download & install Crowd Call on your Android or iOS based smart phone (download links on the bottom)
  2. After installation, when asked mention your phone number
  3. Under the ‘Crowd Call’ tab, using the number pad or contacts button, put/select the contact number of person you wish to call (including ISD code – +91 in case of India) and hit the call (green) button
  4. Within seconds you’ll receive an International call on the number that you provided during installation of the app. Answer the call, listen to voice instructions from the caller and hit ‘1’ from your phone dialer.
  5. Wait for another couple of seconds before Crowd call automatically connects you to the person you wish to talk to. Enjoy!

I’ve been personally using the app since past couple of days and it works pretty flawlessly. As far as the number of free calls that can be made, it is 10 calls a day. For me each call lasted for about 10 minutes but many other users report that they get ‘unlimited talk-time’ for every call successfully connected. The app also has several other appreciable features such as Call schedule, Conference Calling, etc.

If you are on Android or iOS do give it a try and let us know your views about the same.

Links: Official Website

Download: Android Play Store | iOS App Store

Should you face any issues, drop it as a comment below. Also, like us on Facebook or subscribe to free email newsletter for more of such tips.

Thank you Akshay Deshpande for the tip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many calls can be made for free?
    The official website states that you can make 10 ‘free’ calls daily
  • What are the charges for making these calls?
    As mentioned earlier, you get to make 10 calls for FREE every 24 hours.
  • What countries can I make the calls to?
    If both the parties of the call are from any of these 40 countries, he/she can make use of these free calling facility
  • Do I need a smart phone to use this service?
    Just to initiate the call you need an Android or iOS based smart phone
  • How is the call quality like?
    As good as they are in traditional calling method – land phone / cell phone. This is probably because connections are made through local carriers and not VoIP solutions as mentioned on the official website

4 Ways to View Updates & Results of London Olympics 2012 on Mobile Phones & Tablets

The Olympics 2012 fever is already on and many of you might not be able to keep yourself glued to the Television sets to view live broadcast of Olympics 2012. For your convenience, listed  here are few apps and various other ways to view the scores, results, schedule and NEWS related to Olympics 2012.

olympics 2012 updates mobile phone tablet

1. London 2012 Official Mobile App:

You can download the official London 2012 Olympics app for free. The app has varied features including checking live scores and results of games, schedule of upcoming events, detailed biography of participating athlete, setting reminders for specific games, support your country, push notifications to receive medal alerts and much more. Have a glimpse of the app on the video below:

Name of App: Official London 2012 Results
Platform Available: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone (Search on respective appstore)
Price: Free

2. London 2012 Official Mobile Web Page:

If because of some reason you cannot use the above apps, you have an option to visit the official London 2012 mobile web page from your data activated phone and view live updates.

Mobile page URL:

3. Twitter:

If you are social media savvy person and love reading updates on twitter instead of following mainstream news, then Twitter definitely won’t disappoint you. In fact, people were hyper active in tweeting about the events and Olympic officials requested tweeters to minimize their mobile usage.

Twitter hash tag: #London2012
Official Twitter Handle: @London2012
Facebook Profile:

4. SMS:

No need to disappoint if you do not own a smart and fancy phone to download these apps. Using some workaround you too can get the Olympic updates on your mobile via SMS.

You can follow the official twitter account @London2012 and use Twitter Via SMS that will push updates to your phone via text messages. Know more on Twitter via SMS here.

[Tip] Things you should know Before Buying a Smart Phone

If there’s one thing that is spreading faster than a wildfire (not HTC Wildfire!), it’s a Smart Phone. People who do not have one, are planning to get one and those who already have a smart phone, are considering an upgrade. However before you open your wallet to get your dream phone, you should ensure that the phone you are going to buy is the one you truly need.

smart-phone-buying-guide (Image credit:

Actual need for a Smart Phone:

Not all smart phones are same. Different phones serve different purpose like:

  • Business and communication
  • Browsing
  • Gaming
  • Multimedia

You need to be very sure about the most critical function that your phone will serve. Let’s say that you want a phone which will help you do lots of messaging on the go and keep you up to date with your emails and tweets, then you need a phone with a full Qwerty keypad or a Blackberry. On the other hand if you need a phone for gaming or watching movies, a phone with large display is a must. If you are configuration nut or a geek, then perhaps Android is a better choice than an iPhone. If you need a phone with great camera and video recording then something like Nokia N8 will be better than the others.

Bottom line: Just don’t buy a phone because your friend has it or it looks good. Buy a phone which suits you and will fit your need the best.

Screen Size, Resolution and Type:

If you are going for a smart phone with large display and touch screen you should know about screen sizes, resolutions and display types. Screen sizes for touch screen phones start from 2.8 inches and go all the way up 5 inches. While a larger display is always considered better, you should also make sure that the phone fits well in your hand and pocket. There is no point in having a phone which is uncomfortable in use. You should also check out the resolution of the display. Two phones can have the same screen size but different resolution. Always go for a phone with higher resolution.

Apart from this other display properties that you should be aware of, are:

  • AMOLED display: Much better than the LCD displays. They are brighter, render sharper images and also are thinner and lighter. They are the future of displays.
  • Gorilla Glass Display: Gorilla Glass displays are tougher than normal displays. They are scratch resistant and less prone to breakage.
  • Capacitive vs. Resistive Touch: Capacitive touch screens are much better than resistive ones. They are more responsive, accurate and easy to use.  If your phone only has a touch screen input, always go for capacitive touch screen phones.

Physical QWERTY vs. On Screen Keyboard:

If you message a lot, a lack of physical QWERTY keypad can be a real pain. While it may look fashionable to have phones with large display and touch screen with no physical keyboard, they are of little use when you need a phone on the go for messaging and emailing.

Processor Speed and RAM:

Higher the processor speed, better the phone is a common misconception. While a faster process is better at crunching programs faster, it is also a battery hog. Generally phones, with fast processors, drain phone battery faster. So go for a faster processor only if you really need one. If you are using phone for normal programs, apps and communication a decent processor speed is good enough. But gaming and multimedia crunching requires faster processors.  When it comes to RAM, more is always better. More RAM means a faster and more responsive device.

OS (Buy the one you need):

Following are the major Smartphone OS available, each one with its own set of pros and cons.

Apple iOS Pros: Most refined, polished and advanced of them all. Tons of high quality apps.Cons: Limited customization options. No physical qwerty. Not targeted for business/secure communication. Really expensive.
Android OS Pros: Fastest growing Smartphone OS. Wide range of mobiles across all price ranges and form factors. Customizable. Tons of apps. As of writing this article, there are more than 40 Android phones available in India.Cons: Frequent releases and upgrades. UI still needs some polish when compared to Apple iOS. Battery life can be an issue with some Android devices.
BlackBerry OS Pros: Best for Business and official communication. Most stable and secure platform. Rock solid and reliable devices with best qwerty keyboards and battery life. Best in class messaging and email.Cons: UI far behind iOS. Limited Apps. Limited customization.  Limited number of mobiles and form factors.
Windows Phone 7 OS Pros: Great user experience. Xbox Integration. Initial reviews are very positive.Cons: Relatively new OS. Only few high-end devices available in the market. Expensive devices. Limited Apps.
Symbian OS Pros: Stable and tested OS. Good Nokia mobiles available across all price ranges.Cons: Out-dated OS. Will be phased out in coming months as new Nokia mobiles will come with Windows Phone 7 OS. Not many good apps available.
Bada OS Pros: Good multimedia and gaming capabilities. Capable smart phone features at affordable price.Cons: Samsung’s proprietary OS and available on select few Samsung phones. Limited apps.


Reception / Signal and Battery Life:

These are important factors that you should consider while buying any phone. Quality of reception, signal strength and battery life can vary a lot from model to model. However good a phone may be, it becomes a big pain if it has a poor battery life or if it cannot catch weak signal. Before you zero in on any particular model, check out these parameters from your friends who may have used this device or from the online reviews.

Availability of Apps / App Store:

Apps make a smart phone smarter. There are tons of apps and games available at each of the OS app stores. If you are of the type who loves to try out various apps and games you should stick to Apple or Android only. While the quality of Apps for Apple iOS is definitely much better than all other OS, most of the high quality apps there are paid apps. On the other hand, Android app store has many apps that are. Apart from Apple and Android all other OS have only limited apps. If you just need good basic apps (example: Twitter, Skype, Facebook etc) then they are available for all OS.

Where to buy it from:

Once you have decided what phone to buy, next question is, from where? Always check out for prices from multiple places or stores before buying. From our experience we can say that prices can vary from few hundreds to couple of thousands from store to store. Buying a mobile online is also a good option as you can get a good deal or discount (via coupons) from the online stores. Here’s a guide to check cheapest price of any mobile.

Warranty / Terms and Conditions:

Always check out with the seller/store about the warranty. There are few stores which sell these mobiles considerably cheaper but with seller’s warranty (and not manufacturer’s warranty). Always buy a phone with manufacturer’s warranty. Also check out if the service center for your phone is available in your city. Generally popular brands like Nokia and Samsung have service centers even in smaller towns, while service centers for companies like HTC, Motorola and BlackBerry etc are only limited to top cities.

[Tip] Get Free SMS Alerts When your IRCTC PNR Status Changes

Indian railways pnr status on mobile

Say you’ve booked a train ticket in India from IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) and the ticket is yet to be confirmed (waiting list) then you need to periodically keep checking PRN status of the ticket. Not any more, using this free service called MyPNRStatus, once you visit their site and enter your mobile and PNR number, MyPNRStatus will continuously keep checking the status of your PNR and inform you of any status changes to the PNR via SMS. Cool, isn’t it?

3 Easy Steps for Free PNR Status Updates via SMS:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your PNR number and mobile number where you want to be notified about status changes
  3. Hit Submit

If you do not have access to internet, you can also send an SMS

MYPNR<space>10 DIGIT PNR NUMBER to 9220092200

pnr status sms

Now no need to worry about continuously checking for the PNR status every now and then. This free service does the task and will notify you of any status changes via SMS.


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5 Ways to Get Free Cricket Scores Via SMS

If you have GPRS connection you can try Free apps live cricet scores smsto get live scores. If not don’t worry, here are some free services to get cricket scores via SMS. So, you can get score updates even on basic handsets.


Dial 080 300 500 55 (toll-free number) from you mobile phone (Call will get disconnected after a ring) and you will automatically be subscribed to cricket alerts. You will get SMS confirmation after some time.

  • Get live score updates and fixtures.
  • Call the number during every match for hourly score updates.


Send a text sms as CRI to 56070 subscribe for cricket updates.

  • Sending SMS to 56070 will cost you up to Rs 3 based on your operator as a one time charge after that it is free.
  • Register via for free to subscribe and verify the code sent to your phone.
  • Unsubscribe to stop receiving SMS alerts.


SMS @cricbuzz to 9243342000 to receive live cricket scores.

  • Also send @cricbuzz score to get detailed scores and @cricbuzz schedule for schedules.
  • This is Karnataka number, so it will cost you national SMS charges if you live outside the state.
  • These are not auto updates, so you need to send SMS each time to know scores.

Via Facebook

Like and subscribe for SMS updates on their page.

Via Twitter (For Airtel Users)

Follow @cricket_country on twitter and subscribe for SMS updates.

Alertrix is good among these. Since zipdial is a toll-free number it is busy most of the time.

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(Image credit:

5 Apps to Keep Track of Live Cricket Scores this World Cup

Cricket World cup 2011 is starting this week and here are 5 apps to keep you updated with scores and news on your Android, iPhone and Symbian.

Cricket World Cup 2011

  • Live scores, fixtures, result and World Cup related news.
  • Ball by ball detailed commentary.
  • World Cup points table and tree view for each group matches.
  • Database of player, team and venue stats, records and trivia.
  • Notifications for fall of wickets, every 5 overs, every 50 runs for players/team.


Cost: Free (with Ads), Ad free version at $3.20

Platform: Android (2.0 and later)

Download Cricket World Cup Android App

ESPN Cricinfo

  • Ball-by-ball commentary, scorecard, match graphics, photographs of matches.
  • Alerts for wickets, batsman milestones and score.
  • Results, fixtures, records and ranking.
  • Customize score updates and news by favorite teams.
  • Video and audio podcasts of matches.
  • ESPN cricinfo Magazine.


Cost: Free

Platform: Android (1.6 and above), iOS (3.0 and above)

Download links: Android Version, iPhone Version

NDTV Cricket

  • Live scores with ball-by-ball commentary.
  • Great looking home screen.
  • Latest match videos and photos.
  • Cricket news with images.
  • World Cup points table.NDTV-Cricket for Android
  • Cost: Free

Platform: iOS (3.0 and above), Android (Coming soon)

Download NDTV Cricket App

ECB Cricket

  • Live scores, Batting and bowling scorecards.
  • Ball by ball updates.
  • Fixtures and results of games current and earlier matches.
  • Photo galleries of each matches and events.
  • Cricket news and podcasts.
  • Notifications of fall of wickets.

ECB Cricket for Android, Iphone and Symbian

Cost: Free

Platform: Android(1.6 and above), iOS 3.1.3 and above, Symbian)

Download links: Android Version, iPhone Version, Symbian Version

Yahoo! Cricket Scores

  • Live scores, summary and scorecard.
  • Results and fixtures of recent and upcoming matches.
  • Auto refresh scores with settings for 45sec, 2min or 5min.
  • Home screen widget for C6-00, N97, N97 Mini and Symbian^3 phones.

Yahoo-Cricket for SymbianCost: Free

Platform: Symbian

Download Yahoo Cricket Scores App for Symbian

Cricket World cup 2011 and ESPN Cricinfo has push notification which is great feature. NDTV Cricket app is neat. ECB cricket has lots of features but some live match updates are missing. Even though Yahoo Cricket has fewer features it looks neat.Also try Cricinfo on Snaptu app that is available for most of the Symbian, Blackberry and java phones.

If you own a mobile without GPRS facility then you need not loose your heart, we have some work-around for live cricket scores via SMS. Stay tuned and we will soon publish it too!

Best Tips to Get the Most from Mobile Internet Browsing

While there are different types of internet connection with different speed and features there is no doubt that a mobile internet connection is one of the best forms of internet connection available. A mobile internet connection makes it easy for you to get things done on the go and you no longer have to worry about being in the confines of your home before you can have access to the internet. Even though a mobile internet connection has a lot of features and advantages it is important to know that it also has best practices. This post will be giving you some tips on getting the best from your mobile internet connection.

mobile internet browsing(Image credits:

Know Your Limits

Many people make a very dangerous mistake of rushing to get a particular mobile package based on advertisements from their operator. Your operator don’t really care about you but themselves and no matter how much they want the best for you they have to make profits so it is highly important to do due research before going with a package. Make sure you read the terms and condition attached to a package before you go with it and make sure you’re going with what is right for you.

You should also make sure you don’t make the mistake of choosing a package because it provides you with high bandwidth; if you’re sure you can’t finish using a package then there is no point going with it but you should rather go with what is perfect for you.

It is also important to make sure you don’t just sign longer contracts with your operator/ISP except it is the best option for you. Services can change at anytime, prices can change and there will always be improvement. Going for short term mobile contract is always the best thing to do.

Make Things Easy by Using Mobile Apps

When trying to get the best from your mobile internet connection it is also highly advisable to utilize the power of mobile applications to your advantage. Gone are the days when you have to do everything you want to do with your tiny mobile browser, but rather, make sure you research and utilize the best mobile applications compatible with your mobile phone. For example, there are a lot of mobile browsers that are far better and effective than the default browser that comes with your phone. There are also great applications that make it easy for you to use your favorite IM services on your phone and this will help you get more results than trying to do everything from your mobile browser and also help you save more of your valuable bandwidth.

Make Use of Bookmarks

It can be a little bit complex trying to type in your favorite website URL into your browser every now and then and you will be better off creating a bookmark for the best websites you visit. If you think you will have the need to visit a website more than once make sure you bookmark it so that it will be easier to access it in the future.

This is a guest post by Bamdel T who helps people choose the broadband internet plans. If you want to submit your guest post, read – guest post on Mobile Gyaan.

Recharge your Mobile Online and Get Free Coupons for McDonalds, PVR, Café Coffee Day

There are lots of online recharge websites but the one free mobile rechargewe are going to cover in this post is unique in some ways or other. What makes very special and different from others is, you get free coupons of the equivalent amount of recharge/top-up done using their website, with no string attached. supports online recharge for more than 15 leading service providers in India and allows recharge and mobile top-up of up to Rs. 1000 and you can get free coupons of the equal amount of recharge done for various food chains and coffee shops that includes – McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, PVR Cinemas, Cafe Coffee Day, Baskin Robbins, Croma, Timezone and Naaptol.

freecharge letter

Best Free Coupon to Choose:

As mentioned above, there are various coupons that you can choose from, but the question is which coupon to choose that would yield max benefits? Well, if you have access to some McDonald’s outlets, then it is one of the best coupon to go for, as they do not have any minimum purchase condition unlike others wherein you can redeem the coupons only if you purchase items worth Rs. 200 or more. So, you can get a burger of Rs. 55 for just Rs. 5 by redeeming a coupon worth Rs. 50.

How to get Free Coupons:

Once you select the coupons and confirm the mailing address, you can select the payment method for the recharge to be done. There are options of paying through your Debit card or Credit card or Net banking. After the payment is processed, you get a message on your mobile regarding the amount recharged. You also get a receipt for your registered email ID and the coupons are sent via post on your mailing address.

freecharge coupons
(Free coupons we received from Freecharge)

We found this portal to be a very unique and innovative way to reach out to customers. The coupons were sent within a few days. Only thing we would suggest FreeCharge is to make a list of available recharge denominations and their respective talk-time for quick reference of their customer.

Link: FreeCharge

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P.s. This is not a paid review. We felt FreeCharge just deserved it!

Print Documents and Mails from Mobile with Google Cloud Print

Google Launched its latest service – Google Cloud print last year that allows users to print from the Chrome OS, Chrome browser or Smart phones via Cloud. Now Google Cloud Print supports Google Docs and Gmail printing for mobile phones. For this you need a Google account and need to add your printer to Google Cloud Print.

google cloud print documents mobile

Check this video demo of Cloud Print:

This needs a Windows PC connected to the printer. Mac and Linux support coming soon. There is no need to install any software or driver to your Phone or PC. This works on Android devices 2.1+ and iOS 3+. This service is available now in U.S in English and coming soon to other countries and in many more Languages.

Few Tips that can Prevent your Mobile from being Hacked

These days hacking is not just done in computers or laptops but slowly shifting to mobile phones and other handheld devices. Since Smart-phones such as Blackberry, iPhone, etc are doing well in the market, hacking on these also maybe lucrative  for those who hack the computer. Cell phone worms and viruses are similar to computer viruses and they intend to disrupt the phone’s operations and pass on to additional phones too. A hacker can do anything starting from stealing your number and using it, thereby reducing your balance or steal information such as addresses or vital data.


So how do you protect your phone from these hackers? Here are few tips:

  1. If you happen to use GPRS/data on your mobile, keep note of the site or source from which you are downloading applications/contents.
  2. Check downloaded apps for security certificates. Try to use applications which are signed and are secure.
  3. It is always good to have an anti-virus application in your phone, so that even if, by mistake, you download a Trojan or virus, anti-virus programs will detect them in a jiffy.
  4. Keep your mobile’s bluetooth disabled when not in use and in case you use it too much, try to be in invisible mode
  5. Don’t ever accept files via bluetooth from unknown sources
  6. Don’t trust on fraud calls/SMS asking you to follow some simple steps (like sending SMS, calling to a particular number, etc) to win a huge money

Hope these few tips help you protect your phone from the dangers of hackers. 😉

Image credits

Tips to Increase Battery Life of your Mobile [Basic Phones]

Are you fed up with your cell phone’s battery life? Here are a few tips that can help you increase your phone’s battery life to some extent. The golden rule regarding battery life is that doing anything with your phone can reduce its life irrespective of it being messaging, browsing, etc. So always take care that, the more you use your phone, the more will be battery consumed and lesser will be its overall life. The following few tips can help you save your mobile’s battery life to some extent:

  • Keep all unnecessary tones off (keypad tones, SMS tones if you get too much SMS, etc).
  • Make sure your phone’s backlight is set to turn off automatically in 5-10 seconds. The default time set on most phones is about 20 seconds.
  • Reduce your screen brightness to what is actually required. The LCD screen on the phone consumes a lot of power, so keeping the brightness low should definitely increase your mobile’s battery life.
  • For incoming call alerts try to use either the ringtone or vibrate mode only but not both. Its good to leave the phone in vibration mode especially when the phone is close to you.
  • Dont let the battery become fully empty before you charge it again and dont overcharge your phone’s battery but let it charge 100%.
  • Don’t always keep your phone in poor or no network coverage areas. Its better to temporarily switch off your phone or let it go in airplane mode when there’s no network coverage

Those were some of  the basic tips to make optimal use of your phone’s battery and increase its life. You can expect another post in a few days’ time for few more tips incase you own a high-end mobile! :)

SMSTweet helps you Tweet by Sending an SMS

smstweets Back in October last year, Airtel in collaboration with Twitter launched a service using which all Airtel customers could Tweet via SMS without needing to have an expensive data activated phone. SMSTweet is a similar service launched by a Bangalore based startup that helps you tweet by sending an SMS to a 10 digit mobile number.

How to use SMSTweet?

  1. Link your twitter account with SMSTweet either by visiting or sending an SMS “REGISTER <twitter username> <twitter password>” to 09220092200 (Mumbai) or 09243000111 (Bangalore)
    Users from outside Mumbai/Bangalore can use either of the above numbers
  2. Once your twitter account is linked with SMSTweets, send “TWT <your message>” to 09220092200 (Mumbai) or 09243000111 (Bangalore)
    For ex. SMS “Tweeting via SMS using SMSTweet” to 09220092200 or 09243000111
  3. Immediately after posting your message onto your timeline, SMSTweet will send you an SMS with latest @mention indicating your message has been successfully posted on your timeline.

Advantages of SMSTweet

  • Tweet even with a simplest black&white mobile without worrying to have a data activated phone.
  • Unlike on Airtel, use non-premium 10 digit number to Tweet that can cost you as low as 1 paise per SMS

Requested features in SMSTweet:

If any team member of SMSTweet is reading this post, it would be great to see the following features on SMSTweet:

  • Ability to check friends’ timeline (or at least last few tweets by them)
  • Ability to check recent @mentions and send & receive direct messages
  • Check user details by entering their twitter handle, etc.

Make Unlimited Free Calls Worldwide using your Computer

[Update: As per the comments received, this service doesn’t seem to be working any more. You can subscribe to our email newsletter to get notified about any such tricks in the future]

If you have a working computer (with a headset) and can access Internet on it, then you can make free PC-to-phone call to any mobile/landline number anywhere across the world. Just download and install Skype onto your computer, register for a free account and follow the simple steps mentioned below.

free international calls

If you are wondering about a string attached to this trick, then there is NO catch in using this trick to make calls world-wide, though there’s a limitation that you can talk for 5 minutes each time you place a free call but it doesn’t matter how many times you call the same number after getting disconnected. Basically this service is free as you’ll be made to listen a 20 seconds advertisement. :-)

Steps to Make Free International Calls:

  1. Go to ‘Call phones’ option at the bottom left corner of Skype window
    free international calls1
  2. Hit the county flag drop down option and and choose ‘United States’ and call on the toll free number – 8003733411
    free international calls2
  3. Follow the voice response system and say ‘Free calls’ when prompted, listen to a 20 seconds advertisement and then system will ask you to enter the number you want to call.
  4. Now, using the dial pad, punch in the number that you want to call along with its country code. For example, if you want to call to an Indian mobile number then use this format – ‘91987654321’
    free international calls3

The call will automatically get connected but will be limited for just 5 minutes, though you can again follow the same procedure and call back the same number. There’s no limit in the number of calls you make. At times, the service remains busy, in such case you can try following the same procedure. The trick is completely working and tested!

Link: Download Skype

(Image credits: Conferencing Solutions)

Over 20 Ways to Send Free SMS in India and Worldwide!

Since quite long time,Free_sms_to_india_worldwide I was listing various services that helps you send free SMS (group and Individual) in India and around the world. And here is the ultimate list of websites using which you can send free SMS to a group of people or individuals in India or outside India.

Free Individual SMS in India:

Unlike group messaging (covered on the bottom section), using individual SMS services you can send SMS to only one person at a time. But that’s ok when you need to send some messages to a single person, isn’t it? So here we go with the list of free SMS providers in India:

  1. foosms FooSMS: No wonder Foosms has topped in the list of about 20 free SMS providers. It is one of the best free SMS provider with quick and assured delivery of text sent to Indian numbers. The best part is, unlike others, you need not sign up with them to send free SMS. Just visit, enter the mobile number and text (within 120 chars.) and hit ‘Send’. Voila, you are done. :)
  2. Way2SMS: Send free SMS in India upto 140 characters
  3. 160by2: Supports individual and group SMS in India and few other countries upto 80 characters
  4. MySMSIndia
  5. SpiceSMS
  6. Free SMS8
  7. SMS7: Option to schedule SMS, but you are allowed to send a maximum of 50 SMS per account per day.

Sending Free SMS Internationally:

  1. SendfreeSMS: Send free SMS to over 50 destinations outside India
  2. Free SMSix: Yet another service like foosms, that doesn’t require any registration or login and claims to send free SMS to over 40 countries, though it did not seem to work during our test.
  3. Sea SMS: Works for both India and out of India
  4. Jungle SMS
  5. Free SMS Tous: Ability to send free SMS only to the US
  6. SMS Free 4 All: Yet another service for free International SMS
  7. Wadja: Send SMS to over 500 networks and 200 countries
  8. Send Free SMS: Canada Specific
  9. CBF SMS: UK Specific
  10. MobiK: Supports many countries including US & India.

Sending Free Group SMS in India:

Group SMS/messaging is a service, using which you can send a common text to a group of people via SMS and such services are proved to be best when you need to communicate with a group of people simultaneously. Here are the best (free) group messaging services available for India:

  1. Way2SMS: A simple interface to send group SMS to a specified group. Text limit remains 140 characters though.
  2. google sms channels Google SMS Channels: Helps you to send customized SMS to a group of people. It is one of the most popular and reliable SMS service by Google (India). The basic advantage of using this product is, you can feed your SMS group with an RSS feed as in we used to do it for receiving Orkut scraps as SMS for free. The only downside of this service is, you cannot add anyone to your group (it reduces spamming though), rather the people who wish to join your group will have to join in by sending a specified text.
  3. smsgupshup SMS GupShup: Called India’s Twitter on mobile, this service is similar to Google SMS channels
  4. MyToday: Among the few first entrants in this field. Though it could not manage to win the hearts of many Indians because of lack of developments and inconsistent service.

Free Group SMS worldwide:

  • 160by2: Send individual or group SMS (upto 10 recipients at a time) to India, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia. The concept behind 160by2 is, the total 160 characters is divided into 2 parts, 1 is used for free SMS text and the other part for advertisement.

Do let us know if you find anything similar to share here (proper credits will be given) or if any of the above service stops working for you, via the comment form below.

5 Ways to Check Indian Railways PNR Status on your Mobile

Indian railways pnr status on mobile There are many ways to check Indian Railways PNR status using mobile phone. Here are the 5 best and simplest methods mentioned.

Checking PNR using 3 Digit SMS Short Code:

This service is officially provided by IRCTC but the only downside of using it (3 Digit short code) is, you will end up paying premium SMS charges

  • Send an SMS with the text PNR followed by the PNR number (without any spaces) to 139
    For ex.: “PNR2528794587” to 139
  • Alternatively, you can use other short code of Indian railways – 5676747
    Send an SMS “PNR<space><your PNR number>” to 5676747
    For ex.: “PNR 2528794587” to 5676747

Checking PNR by SMS using 10 digit regular mobile number:

If you happen to check your PNR status for about 3-4 times a day at a specific time interval, then you may find the previous tip quite useless, as you will be billed at premium rates for sending SMS to the mentioned 3 digit short codes. Here is another service by Google that lets you check PNR by sending an SMS to a regular 10 digit Indian mobile number:

  • Send an SMS with just the PNR number to “9773300000
    For ex. SMS: “2528794587” to 9773300000

indian railway PNR on mobileChecking PNR status using your GPRS enabled phone:

If you have a data plan enabled on your mobile, then just point your mobile browser to and put your PNR status on the “Check PNR” field.

Checking PNR by Calling Indian Railways Helpline:

In case you prefer calls over SMS and GPRS, then you have another option. Just call the Indian railways helpline at 139 and follow the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response) to know your PNR/booked ticket’s status.

On a side note, if you are looking to check your PNR status from a computer system, you may use websites like or the official Web site –

Reliance Introduces ‘Busy Callertune’ Service

For instance you are travelling or busy in a meeting then it becomes difficult to respond to each of your caller or sending text to each of them telling you are busy in a meeting. In such case, you can activate special ‘busy callertunes’ that are charged on per hour basis and plays special callertunes when someone calls you.


There are various Busy callertunes available (known as profiles), like “low battery”, “in class”, “in meeting”, etc.  You can get the entire list of various profiles and their codes on reliance’s official page

How to set Reliance Busy Callertunes?

SMS the following text from your reliance mobile:

CT <profile name> <time in hrs> to 51234

For ex. “CT DRIVING 3” to 51234
Sending this SMS will change your default callertune to “The person you have called is driving right now” for the next 3 hours. Cool, isn’t it?

Charges for Reliance Busy Callertunes:

  • Subscription: Rs. 30 per month (If you are not already subscribed to callertunes)
  • Charge per hour: Rs. 2
  • Charge per day: Rs. 3

The service definitely seems to be useful and affordable. Personally being a Reliance customer, I would love using this service. What’s your take about it?

Link: Complete list of ‘busy callertune’ profiles available

Do you really get paid for receiving SMS?

In one my previous posts, it was mentioned about how to earn money by receiving SMS and many people contacted me asking does someone really get paid by such stuff and whether these websites are hoax?

So, here’s a proof for those who believe that such websites are fake. Recently, I logged into my mGinger account out of curiosity and was surprised to see my earnings for the SMS that I never received (actually, earlier I signed up using other number) and immediately I requested the payout. And here’s the copy of the cheque from mGinger:

Cheque from mGiner:

mginger cheque

So, at least now you can have a look on my previous post – “How to Earn Money by receiving SMS” if you are interested to make some extra money for your pocket! 😉

Earn money by Receiving SMS

No wonder that you can now make money just by receiving promotional text messages on your mobile and doing nothing. There are few Indian companies and websites that pay you few paisa for each promotional SMS they send out to you after signing-up with them. In simple words, such initiatives can be another hi-tech mode of advertisement.

earn by sms

Well, if you think these promotional SMS will piss you off, then its not the case. It is completely your choice on, how much SMS to receive and at what time. You’ll be paid for the number of SMS sent to you multiplied by the fixed rate they pay for each promotional SMS they send.

Also, you are paid some extra money for each person invited using your referral. So, personally speaking, its like making money even while you sleep. 😉

Here are few such websites/companies that pay you for receiving SMS.

Websites that Pays for receiving SMS:



mGinger is one of the early entrant in such an initiative and believed to be one of the most reliable company for making money by receiving SMS.

  • Earnings: 10 paisa for each SMS you get and 5 paisa for each SMS sent to people you referred.
  • Referral bonus: Rs. 2 per person that opens an account with your referral
  • Payout amount: You must have accumulated earnings of Rs. 300 to receive your cheque
  • Registration



Youmint is another popular service that pays for receiving SMS.

  • Earnings: 20 paisa for each SMS you receive and 10 paisa for each SMS that your referral gets
  • Payout: As in the previous case, you get paid only if you accumulate Rs. 300
  • Registration

Few others:






(Image credits: The Realincome Online)

Details about the 2 Digit Short codes Prefixed in Promotional SMS

You must have noticed, since last couple of weeks, every promotional SMS that you receive has a 2 digit alphabets. Have you ever wondered what are they? Those are the short code of the state and service provider that you are receiving the promotional SMSs from.

As per a recent notification issued by TRAI, it has been made mandatory for service providers to prefix the state and service provider code where the SMS originates from. For example, you receive an SMS from “AM-SBI” it means, the SMS was originated from Bharti Airtel, Mumbai and has been sent on request of SBI. You can check out the complete list of codes assigned to each service provider and service area, below.

Here is the complete list of the codes assigned to various operators and service areas:

Service Provider


Aircel, Dishnet Wireless D
Bharti Airtel A
BPL Mobile/Loop Telecom L
Datacom Solutions C
HFCL Infotel H
Idea Cellular I
Reliance Communications R
Reliance Telecom E
S tel S
Shyam Telecom Y
Spice Telecom P
Swan Telecom W
Tata Teleservices T
Unitech Group U
Vodafone V

Service Area


Andhra Pradesh A
Andhra Pradesh S
Bihar B
Delhi D
Gujarat G
Haryana H
Himachal Pradesh I
Jammu & Kashmir J
Karnataka X
Kerala L
Kolkata K
Madhya Pradesh Y
Maharashtra Z
Mumbai M
North East N
Orissa O
Punjab P
Rajasthan R
Tamil Nadu T
UP-East E
UP-West W
West Bengal V

Do come back on this page to check out where SMS originates from that spam your inbox. 😉

Get Orkut Scraps on Mobile for Free!

SMSChannelsLabsLogo A year ago, we posted an article about getting Orkut scraps via SMS, and many Orkut users appreciated it. Basically it was a combination of services provided by Mytoday SMS feeds and Orkut feeds. Let me also tell you that this trick was first discovered by Pavan. But, unfortunately the service stopped working within a couple of months as Mytoday server was overloaded. Now we are glad to inform you that, this service could be reactivated using Google SMS channels.

Continue reading Get Orkut Scraps on Mobile for Free!

Read deleted data of any Cell Phone SIM card

Have you ever thought of retrieving a deleted text message from your cell phone??
If yes, MobileGyaan have found out a solution for you. This website, named provides a hardware worth $ 150 using which you can punch in the SIM card ( from which you want to retrieve the deleted message) and finally plug in the USB device on your computer’s USB port. That’s it! Now you can easily retrieve the deleted messages from your SIM card.
This hardware can also be used to Spy your girl friends and childrens.



For working trick check this.

  • Now a very simple way has been found through which you can get your ORKUT scraps on your mobile phones via SMSs.
  • No need of GPRS or WAP or internet connection on your mobile phones.
  • No need of a hi-fi mobile phone.
  • Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMSs. Thats it.
  • No charges involved. It is totally FREE.


  1. Login to your orkut account and click on your profile itself. You will get your orkut id on the address bar. For E.x.
    17131020411019753927 (This is your unique orkut id)
  2. Replace this link to make Rss feed of it. You can enter your unique orkut id here
    For E.x. my orkut id becomes-
  3. Now go to and register your mobile. This can only be done by sending sms “REG” to 9845398453. This will cost you 2 to 3 Rupees based on the operator.
  4. Now Mytoday will send you your password to your mobile.
  5. Login to using your mobile no. as id and the password that you received.
  6. Click on the Manage Feeds.
  7. Click on “SMSNow” you will find an option to Add Feed Name & URL
  8. Now insert the unique Rss Feed Url that we had created in step 2 and click on the “Send SMS” link. That’s it.. you are done with the complete procedure.


  1. All the steps will be same as above, but in Step 3 use (in place of xxxx replace your orkut unique id) instead of the one given above. For E.x. in my case it becomes:


  • This trick will not work if the scrapbook you are using is locked. So please unlock the scrapbook before doing this.
  • You will not receive the smss instantly. It could take over 3-4 hours for the scrap smss to reach your inbox.
  • This whole trick/process is for Indian cell users only

Feel free to contact Mobile Gyaan for any issues or help regarding this trick.

For working trick check this.

Secret Codes for Reliance CDMA Users

Here are few of the short codes used by staff and internal members to process several queries about its users and handsets. Do check out, few of them could be helpful to you if you are a Reliance CDMA user.

  1. To check a particular RSN number’s activation date and its mobile number.
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
    (This trick would really work when your mobile phone is lost and you want to check its status)
  2. To check date of activation of a particular mobile number:
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
  3. To check the status of an RSN number.
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
    (This code reveals the status of your handset. Whether it’s reported lost or so on..)
  4. To check your application status:
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
    (This is really useful when you purchase a new handset and you wanna check the status of its application )


Now everyone who ever wanted to make free outgoing calls have a option available on Mobile Gyaan. You just need a GPRS enabled handset and you are done. Yes! This service named Mig33 provides its users to make outgoing calls and it works totally on referral basis, i.e. more the number of referrals you have, more is the free talktime for you. For complete instructions on its usage check out its official website – or send back a query to Mobile Gyaan team on the comment box.


No worries whether you own a black & white mobile or a colour, now you can easily trace your GSM/CDMA lost mobile. Yes! You’ve to just purcahse a “Mobi Tracer Card” from and you have to register there and you are done with the entire procedure.

Now when your mobile is lost you’ve to send an SMS to Kalyan Mobile Security’s server and they will get back to with the mobile number that is currently in use on your lost handset.

For further details check out:

or send an enquiry mail to them at:

Update: If you have lost your mobile, then have a look on this post.


Now Airtel Hello Tune users need not bother of finding out all the latest hello tune codes. Just dial the hello tune IVRS for almost have the official charge.. To be very simple, those guys who call hello tune IVRS (by dialing 543211) need not waste up a huge call time.. Just dial 09937012562 and you’ll be redirected to the same IVRS as in 543211. And the great part is that you’ll be charged only
1/- Rupees per minute instead of Rs. 3/- (check out your tariff plan).

So, now select the best and updated song from the IVRS even without wasting up huge talktime.


Yes!! This is a great news for all SMS freaks.. Now you need not take the pain of forwarding the same SMS messages to all your friends. Just register with this website and store all your friend’s contact there. This website takes care of the hassles of sending the same SMS message to everyone in your contacts. And this is not all, you can even subscribe with a host of SMS alerts available on their category.
And the best part is, you need not even spend a single rupee for sending this group SMS.

Get your Favorite Website Information when they are updated!

Now you need not bother about checking out your favorite websites or blog, every now and then, to get its updated information. You can receive your favorite website’s updated information as an SMS on your mobile.

Just subscribe with the SMS alerts service from the Mytoday Grouup (Complete procedure mentioned below) and punch in all your favorite website’s rss feed url there. That’s it! your work is done. Now you’ll receive all the updated information about those websites as soon as they are updated. Further more, you need not even bother about the charges of the service, it come absolutely free of cost (Courtesy Mytoday group).

Procedure for subscribing to this service:

Send an SMS from your mobile: �REG� to 09845398453
(Immediately you�ll receive a reply with a password)

Now login to with your mobile number as the sender id and the password that you have already received on your mobile.

Go to Feeds->Manage Feeds->Create new folder.

Enter your feeds� Name and Rss feed URL there, select �send SMS� option and click the submit button.

Congrats! You�ve completed the procedure and �ll receive updated information about the website/blog as soon as the site�s feed is burned (usually it takes around 4-5 hours)

Some interesting RSS feed Url:

Mobile gyaan�s feed URL:

Zee News� feeds URL: