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mobile_image Few days back I received some prank calls from some unknown mobile numbers. And since then, I was in search of some directory services of Indian mobile numbers. And guess what? Few days ago, I stumbled over a website which claims that it can provide service area details of any Indian mobile numbers. 

This service provided by InformationMaddness and  BharatiyaMobile has a database of all mobile operators and its numbers that are operational in India, I would prefer the former one as it gets updated regularly with latest numbers. So, you too may check out the service area details of any Indian mobile number.

Links: Informationmadness | BharatiyaMobile

Deepak is the founder of Mobile Gyaan and loves everything tech! He's also an Indian Brand Ambassador for Truecaller. You can catch him on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. hey i did the same procedure . but could’nt get any alert on my mobiles… whats this?????

    sab karne ke baad bhi kuch nahi hua ……..

    pls help me ..

  2. I got a missed call from a starts with 9533.could you plz help me to find the actual location(state)

  3. I am getting a missed cal from mobile no 9580782623.
    can anyone help me to locate the city or state of this mobile no.

  4. Edwin Luther

    Hey Guys. Is there any site which can locate the address proof of a perticular mobile no. if yes plzz let me know

  5. hii..i getting call from one mobile number.. can i know..that number where now using..? ( I mean which state & near location ) Location of signal coming from under which tower…if any one can help me…i understood that call from coming from karnataka…,But place name how can find out…?? please…

    HAR NO.09618415167 PLZ TELL HER TO TALK WITH ME…………………………………….!

  7. hello dear friends plz do some favar for me that my girle friend is not talking with me plz tell her to talk with me………………………..!
    cal on this no.09618415167

  8. Hi Deepak,
    very nice to know abt std code without internet and find mobile no,serving company But you need to modify it for new series of all companies like in RIM No. starts with 8000…..etc

    bye dear

  9. i am getting unwanted sms from thsi number ph- 9569092585. please tell me the location of this mobile, which city n state. and how can i lodge complain against it.

  10. I lost my mobile 1st march 2010 in our office (Directorate of Municipal Administration, Bangalore).

    My mobile No. 9343507747
    Handset is Nokia 6275 CDMA

    Any hope to get back my mobile.

    Please help me

  11. I lost my mobile 1st march 2010 in our office
    plz find mobile no……. address & oner name locator

    My mobile No. 9910586601
    Handset is Nokia 6275 CDMA

    Any hope to get back my mobile.

    Please help me

  12. hey i receivd a call 4m these no.’s: +3444217913 and +217913… can sm1 help me to find out d locator??

    • Ramesh Saroj

      it is internation number out of india firest activated full display internetnational serive activation from telecom operater than you can fine exact location ans service provider name also

      • Thansk for answering Komal! 🙂

        This is international number for sure. Google for some ISD codes directory to know which contry does the number belongs to.

  13. hi; i am very abset.BCAUSE THIS NUMBER DISTRUB ME HOW CAN I TRACE/ THE NO.IS: 8955858808 please help me deepu

  14. I have been receiving threats from this no 7875042686. please find out for me where it is from as i am unable to even after visiting several sites.

  15. hi,deepak you are doing very good job,keep it up man i am very happy to hear about you,but you should use your knowlege for helping needable persons.if you have any information please send it to me

  16. i am getting unwanted sms from thsi number ph- 9705988202. please tell me the location of this mobile, which city n state. and also tell the user name

  17. Harshad Mahant

    Is there any software through which we can locate the mobile with GPS & without GPS????

    Reply me on my e-mail address..

    Thanking You,
    Harshad Mahant

  18. hi i m arbind

    some is disturbe by miss call .i dont know who has miss call me please find the address and location. no. is -8010421516
    my no. is 9210649579

  19. I M aadi tyagi from meerut (up)
    plz call me my mobile namber 08010628219 only night call me now. u friendship me plz ans me i m wating for your colling

  20. Hi Sunpal,

    The number wher u r getting miss caal is from Tamilnadu, Chennai , Airtel user and near Khader NAwaz khan Rd.

    Mukesh Sharma.

  21. i want to confarm to know international telephone /mobile no. locator to be confarm a number which gives to miss calls at Night evey day for last two months. help me…………

  22. Hai,i getting a wrong cal 4m a no. 8096401821.could u plz say me from which place it is coming from and which district.plz plz

  23. i got a phone call to my mobile ie., +17709787708

    can u please trace the number, where from it came

    i need location / area / nation / company name of the network..


  24. My samsung Mobile Model S7330 has been lost from my shop. IMEI No. is 354522/02/018605/7 plz. tell me how can i manage to find my cell phone. the last number used in my cell is 9896255642. please arrange to help me earliest as posssible. thanks

  25. i’m getting missed calls from this number 570007337769.
    can any one tell me to which country this number belong

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