How to Auto Backup Photos & Videos from Android to Dropbox

Backing up your photos and videos to a cloud service is mostly free these days. With this tutorial, you will learn how to auto backup your Android photos and videos directly to Dropbox. Once set up, you can just leave and it will do its job for you. Whenever you click a photo or shoot a video, the app shall automatically scan them from your gallery and save it to your synced Dropbox account. 

Auto Backup Photos & Videos from Android to Dropbox

For this trick to work you need to have a Dropbox account, the PC or MAC (we are using PC) and the Android app installed on your respective devices. 

On your Android Smartphone

Step 1. Open the Dropbox app and head towards the settings panel.

autobackup-dropbox-from-android (2)
Dropbox on Android
autobackup-dropbox-from-android (3)
Dropbox Setting on Android

Step 2. Once you are inside the settings panel just scroll down to “Camera Uploads Section“.

autobackup-dropbox-from-android (4)
Dropbox Settings

Step 3. Go to “What to Upload” and select the desired option.

autobackup-dropbox-from-android (5)
Dropbox Settings: What to Upload

Step 4. Then go to “How to upload” section and choose the desired option.

autobackup-dropbox-from-android (6)
Dropbox Settings: How to upload

Step 5. Go to “When to Upload” section and choose the desired option.

Dropbox Settings: When to Upload
On your Windows PC

Step 1. Download, install and set up your Dropbox account.

Step 2. On the notification bar, click on Dropbox and heads towards “Preferences“.

Dropbox Windows Settings

Step 3. Go to the “General” Tab and click on “Start Dropbox on system startup”.

Dropbox General Settings

Step 4. Head towards the next tab named “Accounts” and make sure your Dropbox account is synced with the PC.

Dropbox Account Linking

Step 5. Now heads towards the “Import” tab and select the desired option under the “Camera Upload” section.

Dropbox Windows Import Settings

Step 6. Lastly, go to the “Sync” tab and select your Dropbox location. This step is optional as its already done while setting up your Dropbox account on your Windows PC. Location can be changed as desired.

Now Just sit back and relax. Whenever you take a picture or shoot a video, Dropbox app on your phone shall scan for new images and sync the same to your computer. These files shall be available in your Dropbox account until and unless you move them to a new location or delete it completely from your Dropbox account. 

Try yourself and let us know if you come across any problems. 

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