How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Drive and Google Dialer

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The dark mode is everywhere today, gradually every other app developer is adopting this theme-based color option. From Google to Microsoft and many more are incorporating the dark mode setting on their apps to follow the industry traditions.

With the evolution and availability of stable Android ROM, dark mode is natively built inside for easy switching. With Android 10’s dark mode enabled you can now force every compatible app to switch to dark mode instantly. Every Google app installed on your phone shall adopt the dark mode once dark mode is enabled on Android 10.

But if you are still on Android 9 and wish to enable dark mode manually on Google Drive and Google Dialer app then here’s how to do it.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Drive

  • On your Google Drive app on Android. Click on the Hamburger icon.

  • Click on “Settings“.

  • From the resultant menu, click on “Theme“.

  • And select “Dark” theme from the menu.

  • You have successfully enabled Dark theme or Dark mode on Google Drive for Android.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Dialer

  • Open Google Dialer app, click on three dots to access the settings menu.

  • Now click on “Settings“.

  • From the “Settings” menu click on “Display Options“.

  • Going further simply toggle “On” Dark Theme to enable dark mode on the Google Dialer app for Android.

Now the settings to enable dark theme or a dark mode on various Google apps is mostly the same for almost every app developed by Google. As of now Google Mail and Google Keep do not offer manual dark themes on Android 9. But if you have Android 10 then all the apps from Google shall be forced to switch to a dark theme when Android 10’s dark mode is activated. Apart from Gmail rest, all the Google apps will be forced to switch to a dark theme.

Dark theme is very good for smartphones with AMOLED displays as it not only saves battery but also gives the phone visual enhancements which do wonders.

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