How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube for Android

The official YouTube app now supports the Dark Mode or Dark theme, whatever you want to call it. It simply enables a dark background natively to the app on your phone running Android Nougat or later. The same dark mode is also available for YouTube on Web Browsers. Simply click on your profile picture and toggle dark theme on.


For an individual with rooted Android, can flash “Magisk” and install YouTube Vanced magisk module which does offer lots of premium features for free. The features include a dark mode, repeat videos natively, background playback and many more.

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Now if you wish to enable the dark theme on your smartphone’s YouTube app then simply follow the step by step method below.

Enable Dark Mode on YouTube for Android

  • The very first step is to update your official YouTube app to its latest version available. In our case, the version is 14.29.56. Also please make sure your device is running at least Android 7 nougat for this thing to work.


  • Open the YouTube app and click on your profile.


  • Inside the app, scroll down and click on “Settings”.


  • Now in the resultant windows, click on “General”.


  • When you land into the “General” tab, find and toggle on “Dark Theme”.


  • Finally, you will have the dark theme activated on the official YouTube app on Android. Perhaps it’s not completely dark but somewhat a dark greyish background.


In case, if you do not see the “Dark Mode” live on the YouTube app then simply force close the app or clear cache and data on the app. Hope you could activate the Dark Theme, let us know what you feel about the same in comments below. As always like our Facebook Page and Twitter handle to receive regular updates on such tips and tricks. Also, you can check out our How-To section for such articles.

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