Mobiles with Fake IMEI Numbers to go Dead, Check if your Mobile Carries Genuine IMEI

Those handsets that comes with fake or no IMEI (Chinese mostly) is likely to go dead by December first as per directives issued by TRAI (Telecom regulatory Authority of India). As per TRAI’s notice, all the Indian mobile service providers are strictly ordered not to carry calls from all handsets not having genuine IMEI numbers or the ones with no IMEI with effect from 1st December 2009.

So check out if your mobile carries a genuine IMEI number else you will have to implant a genuine IMEI by December 1st to enjoy uninterrupted cellular services.

How to Check IMEI Number?

IMEI, also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15 digit numeric code used to identify each mobiles. You can check the IMEI of your mobile phone by dialing *#06# from the handset

How to Check the Validity of an IMEI?

After locating your IMEI number, if you are not sure if it is a genuine or fake IMEI, then you can check it out using either of the 2 ways mentioned below:

  1. Simply send an SMS to 53232 with the keywords “IMEI<space><15 Digit IMEI No>
    For Ex. send “IMEI 123456789123456” to 53232
  2. The validity of an IMEI can also be checked online by visiting this page

IMEI identification

Where to Implant Genuine IMEI from?

Incase you find no IMEI number after dialing *#06# or you doubt your handset doesn’t carry a genuine IMEI (most likely in Chinese handsets) then you may visit a nearest authorized IMEI implanting centers set up by the Mobile Standard Alliance of India (with your photograph and a copy of identity proof) and get a genuine IMEI implanted on your mobile instantly by paying 199 Rupee.

Links: Checking Validity of an IMEI No. | Authorized IMEI Implantation Centers


  1. Vinay Reply

    Please trace my old mobile by IMEI Number: 355362000182621……. Who is used my mobile phone Please give me mobile phone number. I will find out name & address who used my stolen mobile phone. All Police department will not do anything for my or people stolen mobile phone. All Police departments don’t want to do work and sit on the chair only due to get monthly salary without works. There is no meaning to police FIR because all Police department is not carry forward work. Any police department (ACP, DCP, Head Police commissioner or Prime ministers) don’t or can not do anything work for lost mobile and taken money from thief.

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  3. surendar Reply

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  4. Mann sharma Reply

    dear sir
    can i get my lost mobile (sony erricsson c-510)
    i have EMIE no. & MOBILE Rasid i had use internet to my mobile that is go on now.i have lodged FIR near my home Police Station ,my mobile has 3g service then can i get any site tell me my mobile location pls tell me,but i know my mobile loaction in india that is 3 location (1)lucknow,UP(2)near moradabad,UP(3)SaharanpurUP
    pls send me replr soon….
    mann sharma

  5. Sanjay Reply

    Sir i am from India using New Company Mobile: LAVA A9. This company newly launched in India, I can’t check his IMEI Code. Please give me suggestion about how to check mobile phone IMEI Code, especially Indian Mobile Phone. I am waiting for reply…

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