What Is The Difference Between Photostick And Photostick Mobile?

We all love to take pictures and wanted to store them in a safe place. So, we can recall them and cherish those precious memories. Most people use computers to store photos in an organized way. But it is a tedious task and also takes a huge time. The good news is you can easily store all the photos, videos, and files with a single click.

To back up all data from a mobile you can get photostick mobile, or for computers the photostick will be best. A small flash drive makes the backup process much more manageable for us.

What Is the Difference Between Photostick and Photostick Mobile?

The main difference between these devices is photostick mobile is designed for mobile OS, and photostick is for computer OS. They do have some other differences that we will discuss in this article.


A small USB drive comes with the features of instantly backing up images, videos, files, and documents from computers. Photostick is a self-operating device, so you don’t need to select, copy, paste, and do other things. It will automatically collect all the data and store in it.

It works only for computers. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Without paying any monthly subscription, it can store all your photos, videos, and other files.

Typically, we have to sort the duplicate files manually. With photostick, there is no need for any manual work. It is a good organizer that can automatically identify all the duplicate files and remove them.

Its storage capacity is 8GB, 64GB, and 128Gb. The 8GB variant can store 3500 photos, 64GB can store 30,000 photos. And finally, 128GB can hold 60,000 photos. So, from now, don’t worry about the space issues for storing files. Just connect the device and click the go button.

Photostick Mobile

Another version of photostick is photostick mobile. This device is compatible with mobile devices. This tiny drive can backup all images, other media files, and videos from mobile to its storage. It’s more like a USB thumb-drive for use with the mobile phone.

The latest technology brings this innovative device for this generation. It makes the backup process so quick. Its small and smart size makes it portable to carry and store anywhere.

The best thing about photostick mobile is it can perfectly work for both Android and IOS devices. There is a photostick mobile app in the app store and play store. Android users will use the play store, and iPhone users will use the app store for installing this app.

This device can back up about 60,000 photos. That is able to free up a massive space on your mobile. It can also organize your files.

Photostick and the Photostick Mobile – How to Use?

Both these devices are the perfect solution for keeping your memories secure. Now, let’s see how this works.

Photostick Usage Instructions

  • Connect your computer to the photostick.
  • It will start working in just a few seconds, then click start.
  • After that, the photostick screen will appear and press on go.
  • Then it will automatically collect and organize all your files.
  • Give some time to complete the process.

You can change the formats to organize the files manually. From its several versions, you can select the perfect storage capacity as your need.

Photostick Mobile Usage Instructions

  • Install the photostick mobile app on your phone.
  • Insert this device into your mobile USB port.
  • Open the app and select the photos or files for backing up.
  • It will require a few seconds to back up.
  • After the completion of backing up, the phone memory will instantly be evicted.
  • After that, remove the device.

Note that the photostick mobile for IOS will not work with Android. So, be very careful when selecting the preferred one.

Also, check out the video below to know more about the usage instructions for photostick mobile.

Key Features of the Photostick and Photostick Mobile

In this section, we will discuss the key features of these two devices. Let’s start.

The Photostick

The photostick can work very fast and automatically back up photos, videos, and other files. It supports all these files, like MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, HEIC, JPG, and go on. The built-in software is very easy to work with; anyone can easily operate this device. This device allows free storage for storing photos and videos. It can work without any internet access. It is more manageable and portable to carry easily. Do not require to subscribe or pay for extra storage.

The Photostick Mobile

With a single click, it can upload all the files. Its USB port helps to save the data on a computer or an external hard drive. This device will keep the original file format in an organized way. It is compatible with JPG, PCT, ICO, MOV, RAW, GIF, WMV, TIFF, PNG, BMP, AVI, MPEG4 formats. The photostick mobile does not require any extra payment for a subscription. It can auto deletes the duplicate files. The photostick mobile app can backup all the photos. If mistakenly photos got deleted from the mobile, you can restore them from its app.

Photostick V/s Photostick Mobile – Which One is better?

After reading the above sections, you already get an idea about both these devices. Now you know what the differences are and how they actually work. Actually, both products have some unique features and are very useful. One is suitable for mobile, and another one is for a computer.

Depending on your need and preference, decide which one will suit you best. For transferring files from the computer, you can use the photostick. If you need to free up the mobile space by transferring files, use the photostick mobile.

Final Words

For an easy solution to secure the photos, videos, and other files, both these products are wonderful options. They will provide full guarantees to your file and data. You can experience hassle-free, convenient, and protected with these devices.  They will help you not to waste valuable time and eliminate the fear of losing photos and videos. For your better convenience, we discussed the core differences. Now you can easily make your decision.

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